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L’île Maurice, une vraie destination incentive
31 octobre 2013
Le savoir-faire mauricien en matière d’incentive L’île Maurice est (...)

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Weddings in Mauritius

Administrative formalities for a wedding in Mauritius

31 mai 2012

Whatever people say about getting married in Mauritius, the administrative formalities you have to follow are not that complicated. There are even specialist agencies and hotel wedding coordinators who are here to help you with all the paperwork, as long as you give them the necessary documents.

Documents needed for a wedding in Mauritius

Foreigners who wish to marry in Mauritius must send two copies of each document at least 10 weeks in advance of their wedding date, in French or in English, for both partners. One set of copies is destined for the Mauritian Registrar of Civil Status and the other for your Embassy in Mauritius, who is in charge of making your union official with the appropriate authorities.

  • - Passport (and ID card)
  • - Full Birth Certificate, less than 3 months old
  • - A hand written statement of your profession
  • - Proof of address
  • - The form for the Mauritian Registrar of Civil Status and for your Embassy in order to publish the bans You MUST bring the original versions of these documents with you to Mauritius. NB The birth certificate must be dated no more than 3 months before the wedding day. Documents à fournir In certain cases the following documents must be provided :
  • - Divorce decree / certificate
  • - Marriage certificate and death certificate (if widowed)
  • - Certificate of adoption
  • - Deed poll or other certificate in case of change of name
  • - - A notorised certificate in case of a marriage contract (can be delivered upon your arrival in Mauritius, 2 copies) [**You MUST bring the original documents with you to Mauritius.*]

    Steps to take in Mauritius

    A few days before your wedding, you should make sure you have sorted out all the paperwork needed by the Mauritian authorities.
    First of all, you need to give the originals of all the above listed documents to the registrar of Civil Status at Port Louis so that he can present you with a Certificate of conformity.
    The same process will take place in front of the solicitor. He will verify your documents in order to give you an official certificate. He will also inform you of the laws concerning marriage in Mauritius so as to prepare you for the signing of an affidavit at the Supreme Court.
    You will go to the Supreme Court where you will at last be able to sign the affidavit, that is, to witness with a clerk that the information on your certificate is correct.
    Your Embassy will then verify the original documents.
    The next step will be to meet the registrar of Civil Status who is to be present for the ceremony in the place you have chosen to be married. You will present them with the official certificate of non-residence in Mauritius as well as the certificate from the solicitor, signed by the Supreme Court.
    Un décor mauricien
    [**Your marriage bans will be published 24 hours prior to your wedding ceremony and you will, after all that, be able to celebrate the happiest day of your life !*]
    Votre mariage à Maurice
    In the days after the ceremony, the marriage certificate will need to be taken to the Port Louis administrative services to be stamped with the Prime Minister’s seal.
    The only thing left to do then is send a marriage certificate to your Embassy in Mauritius so that it can be registered in your country of residence.

    Practical details concerning marriage formalities in Mauritius

    In order to complete all of the paperwork, the couple is required to arrive in Mauritius 3 days before their marriage ceremony.
    During the ceremony, the spouses must present the original notarial act in the case of a marriage contract.
    If a woman intends to remarry, 300 days must have passed between the divorce decree or the death of her former partner, in order to ensure she is not pregnant (or a doctor’s certificate stating she is not pregnant may be presented)
    Mariage mauricien sur la plage
    [**Don’t worry, most weddings in Mauritius between non-residents are held in hotels which have lots of experience and all have wedding packages and specialist coordinators who are there to help and answer questions, they will take the stress away and let you enjoy this exceptional moment !*]

  • repondre message

    12 août 2013 à 18:38

    I have some questions and I really need help.
    I am a mauritian woman, My boyfriend is a brazilian.
    Unfortunately I have got married with someone in 2011 we were too young. We have been seperated since feburary 2012.
    My process for my divorce start this september, maybe it will end in 6months.
    My boyfriend is planning to come after one month to get married here with me, then we gonna go in South Africa to stay there.

    But my question is should I get married 300days after my divorce ??!
    It is possible before ?

    Then how will he send all the copy of the documents, can he send it to me, then I post it to the immigration and civil status ??

    Its quite urgent plzz

  • repondre message

    5 février 2013 à 15:59

    Good day,

    My fiancé and l have decided to have a wedding in Mauritius and stay there for a few days for the honeymoon. Will you be able to assist with both apckages. Also we are not bringing any family along as this will be too expensive for us. Can we still have a small wedding even though our family and friends will not be not present ?

    Kind regards

  • repondre message

    25 octobre 2012 à 16:49

    Gd day. I’m a Nigerian based in Nigeria, my fiancé and I have decided to get married in Mauritius. We want to bring along about 20 families and friends. Our date is 22nd dec 2012. Pls may we know details of prices for tickets, flight schedule from nigeria, the wedding proper and every requirement we may need. Can u help with the visas ? Thanks.

  • repondre message

    22 octobre 2012 à 19:52

    I really want to know...we will be on Mauritius for one month and a week...i did not send any documents because i dont know where to sent it to because no one replied on my faxes and mails. I dont want to use agents and for 4 years in a row our holiday destination is Mauritius. On of my Mauritiun friends told me that one month there is enough time for all the doing of documents and settings of a date ???

    • Best of Mauritius Team 23 octobre 2012 à 10:10

      Dear Maricke,

      Thank you for your comment. Have you booked your wedding with a hotel or are you organising it yourself ? Depending on the time of year, a month may not be enough time to organise your wedding in Mauritius. Are you or your fiancé Mauritian ?
      There is some information on the Mauritian Government website about weddings for non-citizens. Have you tried to telephone them ? Or you could look at the website for the Mauritian Embassy in your country, they might have more detailed information.
      We hope you come back to visit soon,

      the Discover the Best of Mauritius Team

  • repondre message

    nisha toofaneeram
    1er septembre 2012 à 10:25

    Hi would like to know more about prices and packages for a registry wedding at your hotel for residents of mauritius ?

    Kind regards
    Nisha Toofaneeram

    • Equipe Voyage Ile Maurice 4 septembre 2012 à 09:24

      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately Dream Holiday Mauritius isn’t a hotel, we just write a blog giving information about Mauritius !
      We know that at the moment there is a special wedding offer with the Sun Resorts hotels ; Le Touessrok, Long Beach etc. They are offering 25% off their wedding packages, maybe you will find what you are looking for with them ?
      If you would like more detailed information, we suggest you contact them directly :


      Tel. : +230 402 0110
      Fax : +230 402 0111
      Email : concierge
      And here are their websites :

      Thanks again for your question, all the best for the future from all the Dream Holiday Mauritius team.

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